On a bridge…Binghamton, NY

Working with an extremely physical and athletic model is very liberating.  Tracy is one of the best at posing her body.  The hours and hours of training and practice for body building and figure competition also translate into beautiful posing in front of the camera.  An athletic model can also create and hold physically challenging poses and make them look easy and natural. 

With this image, I didn’t want to just photograph a model in a black dress.  I wanted the subject to challenge the viewer…Pulling up her dress.  An act that would, in most cases, be interpreted as submissive instead becomes assertive or aggressive.  Through the powerful physical presence of the model, the direct and serious expression with eye contact, and the low camera angle, she is not giving in to anything.  She is lifting her dress.  But its all on her terms.  The victorian idea that exposure is weakness is destroyed by the attitude of the subject.

This shot was made in the early afternoon with one hand held stobe as fill and minor Photoshop revision.

One thought on “On a bridge…Binghamton, NY

  1. This image is strikingly memorable for a wealth of reasons. They begin, for me, with the contextual incongruity of the situation that made this moment possible and trail off into a smattering of associations involving Rod Serling, Owl Creek Bridge, I.B.M., and Walking Distance in Valley of Opportunity. Tracy’s talent for physical expressiveness, pantomime, provides the key to an implied narrative I find I prefer. And the power imbalance expressed in your camera’s point of view reinforces my sense of her dawning willingness to explore something new, something untoward and profoundly confessional in scrutinizing the viewer in a complete reversal of our fortunes — as the anonymous, viewer is transformed (willingly or not) into an active participant/recipient in (what I prefer to believe) is the objectification of our lust-projecting eyeballs. The Widow of Opportunity strikes back.

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