Do Not Hump

I don’t know who put the “Do not hump” sign on the back of this train car, or even what it means when it has to do with trains.

….Anyway….One SB-800 for fill on this one.  Minor Photoshop and NX2 revision.

Blonde With Steel, 2007

When I first began working with figure athletes, I was somewhat surprised by the rather ordinary way that they were being depicted visually and by the way that they were telling me they wanted to be depicted. 

The attitude of the sport, in my opinion, is the creation of power and self realization through the physical perfection of the body.  When I talked to these athletes, every single one advised that they wanted to be thought of as strong and powerful…masters of their own destiny.  This is what they are seeking through the development of their bodies.  But when it came time to describe what they wanted in photographs, they softened everything in a huge way!   They then seemed to be saying they wanted to be beautiful, pretty, and cute.  This may be because of modesty, or maybe they were subconsciously reverting to what society wants women to be.   I began to ask the question:  “If you want to be strong and powerful, why do you want to look pretty and cute?”

When I told Lisa I didn’t want to see her on a beach or in her bedroom, but that we were going to go out in a field filled with battle scarred tanks, troop carriers and artillery pieces to make some pictures, she looked at me like I was completely insane.  She talked to some people who new me and they assured her that, while I may be a little twisted sometimes, the pictures would probably look really cool.