Christina Salvani…Balcony…Brick, NJ…2011

Christina put herself in this position stretching during a break in shooting and it was one of those times as a photographer when you have to say, “Hey, can you do that again?”

Sometimes when I am looking for fresh ideas, watching my model move naturally brings them.


I have always been hugely critical of photographers who shoot in parks, on beaches and especially in hotel rooms.  I think that the work produced is almost always boring and unimaginative.  

 This was the first time that I had used a hotel room as a location (as I had previously avoided them for the reason I stated above) and I was determined not to fall into the boring, unimaginative trap.  I had found myself in a strange city, having scouted almost no locations, with only a few hours to shoot and with Tracy wanting to make some pictures.  So the hotel room it was.