Red Tape

I have to give the model the credit for the red tape idea.  It just seemed to fit with this location.  It was a cold, windy November day and I actually wanted to call off the shoot.  She insisted that we do it.


Maura and Chris…Ft. Howard, 2013

This picture would not even be close to the same without the rattlesnake!

Chris…Ft. Howard 2013

I really don’t want my work with fitness models and bodybuilders to be about fitness and bodybuilding. There is no need to feed that perception when the individual already does that so well. Its about the mood of the image and the personality.

At the Tree

I love this tree!  I had checked it out an knew that this shot was the one I wanted.  Was just a matter of finding the right model.  It was a cloudy, windy day in November with temperatures in the low 40’s.  We had to work quickly.