Over ocean’s roaring surf.
Sitting in silence with cans of cold beer.
Did we ever even sleep?
Memories of one last midnight swim
uncertain future…
and Alex’s observation.
“If I lived here I’d probably end up doing this
one too many times.”

Catherine at the Inlet II, 2014

High heeled hips swing
soft, smooth silk.
Lithe origination
looking for rebirth.
No excuses hard.
Resplendent with taught, lissome regeneration.
A new statuesque dawning.

Atlantic Desert

f8 and be there.
The implication is that being “there” at the right time is half, or even more than half, of the way to make a great picture.
Of course, being in great light with a great subject takes planning, timing and forethought.
But I have come to realize that another “there” exists. Its a metaphorical place formed collectively by the minds of the model and the photographer during the shoot.
I was really only passively aware of this in the abstract until being specifically told about it by a few of the models with whom I had been working.
In the instances where good images were made, minds came together in trust and understanding and everything just went to a very free place.
its clearly evident to me now that it is not just equipment and technical knowledge that combine to make a good photograph. It is also the communication, understanding and trust between collaborators and the mood and psychic atmosphere they are able to create.



Spent a weekend on the Jersey shore
But I didn’t gamble and I didn’t swim.
The doorman had only nodded
on my way in.
It was way too loud anyway
to hear anything
he may have had to say.
And now it was way past time
for the barman to stop trying
and let the bar stay wet and dirty.
Pounding bass and flashing strobes
paradox obscure.
Cutting through all ambiguity
mystery or intrigue.
The playground of the jaded.


Catherine at the Inlet, 2014

There is no rest in victory or defeat.
Success or failure holds no riddle.
The way you fight is what makes you…
And the passion in your search for what defines you.


I specialize in making people who care deeply and passionately about everything look like they don’t give a fuck.

The Big Kahuna


Pinky Floyd is kind of loud

and still hasn’t gotten over the fact

that I am drinking

in what he calls a pub

while wearing no shoes.


He’s from England, Pinky is.

And everyone wears shoes

in pubs in England.


Pinky and I haven’t bought beers for hours.

Whenever someone turns their back

he fills our glasses from their pitcher.


And on the other side of me…

Blonde and enticing.

“We’re going next door to dance.  Come with us!” She asks.

“I can’t.” I say.

“Why not?”

“I’m not wearing any shoes.”