The Beginning

Sea foam mist
and the vapor lamps.
Beachfront boards
Wood and nails
The smell of tar
Hot but cooling.
…The sun is down.
Humanity flows
Pierced and tattoo’d.
The fantasy and reality
in the summer of innocence lost.
Soda, bubble gum and beer.
Bikini dreams
at the bittersweet carnival.
T-shirt shops
Hookahs and skateboards.
This is where it ends…
This is where it begins…
When one world meets the other.

The Sea

Hard… Majestic… Unyielding…
Stone on stone
Braking the ocean.
But the water endures
Knowing no surrender.
A day… A month… A year…
Infinite perseverance
and humble relentless aggression.
With no quarter… No respite… No release…
The rock yields to the sea.