Gun Control…Mind Control

I have noticed a troubling trend that I believe is extremely dangerous to the existence of The United States and probably societies everywhere.  There is a continuing erosion of the trust that our government, both State and Federal, places on citizens…and, by extension, an erosion of the responsibilities expected from the members of the public.  More and more freedom is being taken away from the individual in the name of “safety”.  Its as if the government believes that we are not able to take responsibility for our own safety in even the most basic situations.  Thankfully I am still permitted to buy a 32oz. soda in New York City…But who knows for how long that will be the case!   Is a society where you cannot be sold a 32oz soda still a free society?  If your answer is yes…or if you even had to think about your answer for more than a few seconds…then you are clearly part of the problem and maybe you don’t deserve freedom.  That may seem harsh, but its the simple truth.

What does it mean to be human?  This is really the question that the framers of the United States Constitution were attempting to answer with The Bill of Rights.  We are beginning to see our society turn into one in which a select few privileged enough to be in government positions are dictating in more troubling and personal ways how we should live our lives, often times in direct contradiction to the principles explained in The Bill of Rights.  As these rights and our free will are removed from us in the name of “safety” or “for our own good” or “for the good of The Country”, we are slowly but incrementally becoming less and less free….less human!…to the point that someday we will eventually end up as slaves to the whole.  We’ll be in a place where government is society and society is government….A place like Greece.  This is the dirty, ugly side of socialism.  Its a soft form of slavery, but slavery just the same.

I am now into the third paragraph on this post on gun control and have only now just mentioned it directly.  That is because I believe our government’s arrogant and misguided assault on our Second Amendment rights is merely a small part of the slow erosion of freedom in the United States.  The reason that I believe this is dangerous is because the success and prosperity that we have enjoyed has been the direct result of the productivity born of individual freedom and ingenuity.  This productivity is now dying with the erosion of our freedom.