Tony’s Buick

So we were walking around this industrial complex in Scranton looking for what to get into next and here came Tony with his Buick!
He’s Got a kick-ass Cadillac too… But lets just stick with the Buick for now.

Mother Russia

Heavy Soviet armor with a little bit of attitude.  If she was going to be on this tank then I had to make her  look like she belonged there.   This meant dark clothes, the boots…hair and makeup that was not “studio perfect”.   She’s not posing with the tank to look sexy using it as a prop.  She’s posing with it because the armored division is her’s.  Its June 22, 1944, and she’s about to present the Wermacht with a very nasty surprise.


I’ve heard that Helmut Newton was a master of shooting in harsh mid-day light.  Studying his outdoor work I notice some blown highlights.  I can see he probably didn’t like to get up early.  When I am forced by circumstance to work in those conditions I think of him and it makes me work harder…knowing that great work can still be made.

Five days until the opening of my show at the Easton Gallery of Photographic arts in Easton,, MD on July 6.  I am looking forward to meeting some new people and talking photography.

Catherine Aranda…Binghamton, NY 2012

More metal,  More darkness.  Dirt and grunge.

When I first started working with figure athletes and fitness models they would look at me like I was a little bit off and with a large degree of  doubt when I suggested a location or had them climb onto something filthy and rusting.

I guess I should look at it as a compliment that those who I have been working with lately and who are a bit familiar with some of my pictures seem to become more comfortable once the scene gets “industrial”.

Cathy provided this location and it was an awesome one, but the machine was a bonus.  I think it is some kind of lathe.

Catherine Aranda, 31 Lewis Street…2012


Back to the power of black and white.  Breaking down the visual to the simple elements of light and darkness.  I was very glad that we had power in the building for my softbox.  I enjoy working in studios that aren’t studios.

Ukraine Winter

I googled “Ukraine” to make sure I was spelling it correctly before publishing this post and discovered the popularity of the Russian internet bride!  The most popular search involving the word “Ukraine”  happens to be “Ukraine women”, which turns up numerous international dating sites specializing in “beautiful Russian women”….apparently all eager for marriage to those with an e-mail address and a credit card.

Tracy….Binghamton, NY

With the warmer weather comes the start of another good season of shooting…Gaining the raw material to, hopefully, further my vision…To create some great images.  I look forward to the opportunity to expand and grow my abilities…to learn.