Chris…Ft. Howard 2013

I really don’t want my work with fitness models and bodybuilders to be about fitness and bodybuilding. There is no need to feed that perception when the individual already does that so well. Its about the mood of the image and the personality.

Man with white T-shirt…Binghamton, NY

A special shout out to Mike Halsey…A great bodybuilder and promoter of shows in upstate NY.  This is not his picture.  But this one and many like it would not have been made without his help. 

If anyone is considering a bodybuilding competition or show and sees that Mike is the promoter…Enter or go!  He runs a class operation from top to bottom.



I’ve heard that Helmut Newton was a master of shooting in harsh mid-day light.  Studying his outdoor work I notice some blown highlights.  I can see he probably didn’t like to get up early.  When I am forced by circumstance to work in those conditions I think of him and it makes me work harder…knowing that great work can still be made.

Five days until the opening of my show at the Easton Gallery of Photographic arts in Easton,, MD on July 6.  I am looking forward to meeting some new people and talking photography.