If you close the door, the night could last forever
Leave the sunshine out and say hello to never
All the people are dancing and they’re having such fun
I wish it could happen to me
But if you close the door, I’d never have to see the day again
I’d never have to see the day again
Lou Reed
Rest in Peace.


Maura and Chris…Ft. Howard, 2013

This picture would not even be close to the same without the rattlesnake!

Dining Room Table

When two people are involved in an image there is a relationship automatically created between them in the viewers’ minds.  There is some communication going on between the people in the photograph…even if only non-verbal.  Drama is set.  Almost as if it is a film or motion picture.  I believe that a much greater emotional response is created when more than one person is included in a photograph….at least for me that is true.