The Blue Mirror

“Are you a Christian?”,┬áHe asked.

I was up very early…

or for him kind of late

He’d been drinking all night.

“Are you a Christian?”, He asked.

Seemed like he wanted me to be…

So I told him I was.

Then he told me his problems.

The blue mirror.


The way his daughter had him pay for her wedding

Then told him he wasn’t welcome at the reception

because he drank too much.

His ex and his kids cleaning out the bank account

he was on his way to close.

The nightmares his ex-whore girlfriend keeps having

about her fucked up childhood.

but he wasn’t looking for advice…

The blue mirror.


There was a girl I knew in first grade.


I was her best friend and protector

for a couple of weeks that year.

Got in a fight with the biggest kid in the class for her…

punched him right in the mouth.

Last I heard she was dancing in a strip club on Baltimore Street.

Its a matter of perspective

whether 5am

is early or late.

The blue mirror.