Catherine Aranda…Window, 2012

20th century film-noir influence.  This image is calling to me from Tarantino’s ‘From Dusk Till Dawn”.  Cheech’s character was actually my favorite, although it was only a bit role. 

I played with the cross process pre-set in curves and who knows what countless other adjustment layers for this one. 


Catherine Aranda…Binghamton, NY 2012

More metal,  More darkness.  Dirt and grunge.

When I first started working with figure athletes and fitness models they would look at me like I was a little bit off and with a large degree of  doubt when I suggested a location or had them climb onto something filthy and rusting.

I guess I should look at it as a compliment that those who I have been working with lately and who are a bit familiar with some of my pictures seem to become more comfortable once the scene gets “industrial”.

Cathy provided this location and it was an awesome one, but the machine was a bonus.  I think it is some kind of lathe.

The Black Mask, 2009

There’s an infatuation with detail amoung photography snobs that I sometimes find counterproductive and often counterintuitive.  I began to notice this when I began displaying my work and began to hear criticism that there was  sometimes no detail in my deepest blacks.  I am an accomplished enough photographer that I can recognize this when shooting, editing, and printing.  I can shoot as to include detail.  I can light for the shadows.  I can manipulate in photoshop, NX2 and Silver Efex Pro!

If I wanted you to see detail in my deepest blacks, I would show it to you!

I have been coming from a place of darkness, visually, since I first began making pictures.  The idea of a darkness that can’t be penetrated, exposed or seen into seems to hold an appeal for me.  I am still looking for some of the reasons why, to be honest.  I believe that it holds a statement of my view of humanity and the nature of man and, possibly, a view of myself.  Beyond that I have very few clues.

There is a place in the world for pure black.

For those that would like to see detail in every inch of a photograph and cannot accept that black is truly meant to be black, I can ask:  “Do you really want to look that deeply?  Is your soul open and laid bare?  If you did see, do you think you would like it?  Are you ready to show the detail in your darkness?”

Garage Door…Binghamton, NY

OK…Another Helmut Newton tribute…at a garage instead of on the beach.