Rope, Lace & Grafitti

      Each year about this time ( February-March) I try to organize my thoughts about my photography and where it’s headed.  Because much of my work so far has been outdoors with people it has tended to be seasonal.  This leads to some anxiety on my part for the few months that I do not seem to be making much work.  This anxiety is not at all economic, as I do not depend on my income from photography to pay the bills….But it comes from a need to create and to show others what I have created.  I stress about locations and concepts.  Will I be able to make some interesting images again the next time out?  I need to do things that make me say “Wow, that is pretty cool!” to myself as I am working on the images in post production.  I realize that when what I am doing starts to become boring its only because I am boring myself!

     All this has not much to do with this image, except that it was one that was made in late October or early November and because of that was one of the images that helped extend my season a bit.  It was a miserable rainy day outdoors at an abandoned fort on the waterfront.  I don’t remember the Photoshop tweaks.