Tony’s Buick

So we were walking around this industrial complex in Scranton looking for what to get into next and here came Tony with his Buick!
He’s Got a kick-ass Cadillac too… But lets just stick with the Buick for now.

Catherine’s Gate

We didn’t trespass at the abandoned lace factory in Scranton…The gate was locked.
I had worked with Catherine a few times prior to this, but we had always been inside with some sort of artificial lighting and in a semi-controlled environment. This was the first time that we had worked together out on the street. its a completely different way of shooting. The things that I am able to control are much fewer. I have to rely a lot more on making the shot with the camera and the existing light and objects than making it by manipulating the lighting and the environment.

Do Not Hump

I don’t know who put the “Do not hump” sign on the back of this train car, or even what it means when it has to do with trains.

….Anyway….One SB-800 for fill on this one.  Minor Photoshop and NX2 revision.

Crane, Scranton PA 2010

I found this small crane platform truck at the University of Scranton.  It was the perfect setting to make a shot like this.  There is a lot of power to be found and taken by mixing the environment with a model and his or her personality.  Each environment has a personality of its own and when it is mixed with that of the model it can create something very unique.  All too often, I believe, photographers think of portrait or fashion shoots as, “I am going to photograph her in this place or that place”, and make the environment secondary or, worse, an afterthought.  The environment is as crucial to the image as the model!


I used one handheld strobe for fill on this one.  Minor Photoshop retouching…with a high contrast luminosity curves adjustment.